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9, 10 and 11 Sept 2016

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Duarrigle Castle

Duarrigle Castle has a tower house close to the cliff-edge, overlooking Blackwater River to south. Remains of tower incorporated into 19th Century country house, now in ruins at the west end of the 19th century house, N, S and W walls of tower stand two storey's high, enclosing an area 5.4m N. S 5.7m E-W Two further storey's added to these in base-batter and rounded corners. All windows of 19th century appearance; only original features noted are two corbels in N wall and one in S wall, between ground- and 1st floor levels. Castle of the O Keeffe, reputedly destroyed during Cromwellian Wars (Ur Cadhla 1976-7, 16)
04-09-1984 Tower Houses and Bawns, Archaeological Inventory of North Cork. Part 2. Vol.IV
According to Michael J. Bowman in Place Names and Antiquities of the Barony of Duhallow Duarrigle Castle is a stronghold of the O Keeffe's. This is built on a steep cliff on the north bank of the Blackwater. It is a square building, (each side being c.36feet) and contains five stories. The walls are 6ft thick.
Duarrigle Bridge, also called Charles Bridge (reason unknown) and Drom Eidhneach (Ivy Ridge) Bridge, is an old stone bridge, containing 5 arches, over the Blackwater, 43ft. wide near the bridge.
Diarmuid Ua Cadhla, Cullen wrote that it was built in the most picturesque part of the parish of Cullen and it was a very imposing building. The O keeffes built it in 1576 approx., it was built in a position that protected it from the north wind as it had raised ground at the back of it. It was owned by Arte O Keeffe, Chief of the Clan, It was destroyed in the wars with Cromwell.
It is noted in the article that in 1712 Abraham Dickson of Cork left in his will “Duargan containing a castle and seven plowlands” In 1728, The castle was owned by Henry, Bishop of Cloyne, James Maule inherited it from the bishop. Henry Wrixon was the next documented owner of the lands Duarigle Castle by Diarmuid Ua Cadhla, Cullen, SeanChas Duthalla 1976-1977
NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND GALWAY. In 1861 Gibson, Duaragil Castle had been greatly improved by Doctor Justice of Mallow "whose family has been in possession of the property for nearly 200 years". The Justice family appear to have been resident in the Millstreet area of county Cork from the late 17th century. Thomas Holmes Justice of Mount Justice made his will in 1788. He refers to his wife Jane, his interest in lands at East and West Nockagarrane and the Castle lands of Duarrigle which he held from Robert Wrixon, his two sons Thomas and Robert and his daughter Margaret. In April 1850 the interest of Thomas H. Justice in the lands of Duarrigil and West and East Knockagurrane amounting to 171 acres was advertised for sale in the Encumbered Estates' Court. These lands had been partitioned between Thomas H. Justice and his brother Robert in 1802.


NUI GALWAY Landed Estates:
(House) Duarrigle Castle - Originally a tower house of the O'Keeffe family, leased by Henry Wrixon to Thomas Holmes Justice who built a 'mock' castle in the early 19th century. Inherited by his son Thomas Holmes Justice medical doctor of Mallow. Sold in the Encumbered Estates' Court in 1851 and bought by Henry Chinnery Justice, who left it to his sister Mrs. Wallis when he died in 1859.In Samuel Lewis Topographical Directory of IRELAND under Cullen's Principals residences Duarrigle castle is listed as belonging to the O Keeffes formally and is now an occasional residence of Dr. Justice, of Mallow, 1837
The castle is now a ruin but the gate lodge is occupied. Mrs. Wallis daughters held ownership of the castle at the turn of the century but the land attached had been sold off to the tenants under the Lands Acts. The Land Commission held ownership of it for a while until they leased it and eventually sold it to its last resident was Madame Haliliopolo- Collins (Nee O Callaghan), until approx. 1950. She was the daughter of Denis C. O Callaghan.

Mrs. Newling of Killarney purchased it then to run it as a business but that business venture did not succeed.

Duarrigle Castle
duarrigle castle